Let’s Review: The Selection Trilogy



Kiera Cass’ Selection Trilogy were the books that roped me into the wonderful genre of dystopia. We start with The Selection, where we get introduced to Illea, America Singer and Prince Maxon Schreave. The Selection happens when the Prince of Illea comes of age and is ready to find the future queen of Illea. America is a Five (one of the poorer and lower castes) and is in love with her boyfriend, Aspen (a Six, even lower). She is willing to give up the Selection for him but he instead breaks her heart and forces her to join. America gets chosen (lucky her) and is whisked off along with 34 other women to compete for the prince’s heart. In the beginning, she does not want to win at all and would rather help Maxon find his queen, but eventually, she starts to warm up and fall in love with the prince.

The Elite comes next. Now America’s competition has heated up, to the girls who want Maxon the most. Her best friend is eliminated because of a stupid mistake. Just as America thought her life was gonna be easy, it took a twist. Her ex-flame, Aspen, is back and is now a guard in the palace. America’s feelings flicker back and forth throughout the book between Aspen and Maxon. When she believes Maxon doesn’t love her anymore, she makes a mistake which almost causes her to lose the competition. Lucky for her, another tragedy strikes a fellow Elite, and she is sent home instead of America. Losing most of Maxon’s trust, she finally realizes that she has to make a choice and the choice is looking more and more like Maxon.

This series also has 2 mini books (e-books) that are like companion pieces along with the main story. The Prince has Maxon’s POV before the whole Selection starts and reveals a surprise while The Guard is Aspen’s POV about his view on the Elite. The Guard is set to be released on February 4th, 2014, and it’s definitely in my wish list. And of course, The One will be the final concluding book of the series. It’s expected publication is May 6th, 2014 (198 agonizing days) and will wrap up the tale of America, Maxon and Illea. 

I am so excited for The One! This (other than Marie Lu’s Legend series) is the only dystopian series that I have adored from the 1st word of book 1 to the last word of book 2. Insurgent kinda disappointed me and I lost interest with Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Let us all hope that Kiera Cass makes this last book memorable!


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