Movie Review: GI Joe Retaliation

 My first blog post, so here we go.

GI Joe Retaliation is technically the sequel to GI Joe The Rise of Cobra, but it’s really more of a reboot, as it introduces an almost entirely new cast, and almost no plotlines are carried over from the original. It’s a slight bummer that almost none of the original cast makes an appearance (especially since the new girl is almost an exact copy of the original character, which is weird), but you get to see The Rock and Bruce Willis beating people up together, so that makes up for it pretty well. This one doesn’t even try to pretend it’s going to have a complex plot, it’s just action, with a few jokes mixed in, basically from the opening credits to the closing ones. But, O how great these shoot-outs are! The actions scenes look spectacular, especially the last few scenes near the end. If you’re looking for a movie with an exciting new or interesting plot, this isn’t it. However if you’re just looking for a fun action movie with great special effects, I would definitely recommend it.


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