Teen Tech Week Starts in Nine Days!

Believe it or not, libraries are not completely backwards when it comes to technology. You might be surprised how much your average librarian knows. For example, I know more about computer security — and I’m not talking about antivirus software — than the average non-tech person (and if you’re interested in that kind of thing, let me know and I can connect you to people in the industry).

To celebrate how libraries use technology to help you, we have Teen Tech Week. This year, FMPL is holding a contest based on the illusions started on Sleeveface, but you’re not limited to album covers. Between March 10 and March 16, we’re looking for submissions of you using books, magazines, album covers, or CDs to create the kind of illusions you see on Sleeveface. Tons of libraries have done this before, and it’s known as bookfacing.

You’ll post your submissions to the teen Facebook page, and the Teen Advisory Group will choose a winner. Check back in a few days for all of the official rules, but start thinking about what book or other media you can use to create the best illusion to win the prize.

— Heather B., Youth Services Librarian


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